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All in!
virusvor wrote in silver_traders
I just sold my remaining equity positions. Booked 23% profit in GLDD (over 18 months), 20% profit in CMI (over 18 months), and an additional 7% profit in CRUS.

Usded proceeds to buy an additional 1800 shares of PSLV @  $14.16.

Now sitting at 72% PM, and 28% cash.

While I'm still watching for that occassional trading oppurtunity in equities, my PM position is staying put. With todays FED announcecment, I'm looking at silver and related PM positions as likely three baggers over the next few years. By likely I mean something like 51-49 odds.


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Tuck, you are an animal!

I wouldn't be surprised if silver is, indeed, a three bagger over the next few years. Miiners, too. Would be a bit surprised if gold had a run of that magnitude, but who knows?

"Tuck, you are an animal!"

He likes his metals, alright.

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